Beneficial Tips For Renting A PhotoBooth In San Diego

Photo booth rentals have become the need of every party, event, and get-together. No matter if you are organizing a birthday party, wedding reception, corporate event, or a family party. Renting a photo booth would be a great idea to keep your guests entertained.
However, all photo booth rentals businesses are not the same and some are not even available at fair pricing. So, for helping you make the right choice, we have gathered below some of the beneficial tips you will need to help find the right booth for your event.
Let’s get started:

1. Speed Of Photo Prints

The best part of the photo booth is it’s speed of printing. However, do you know the exact time you’re waiting for your pictures to print? If you rent a quality photo booth then you can expect the picture to be printed within 10 to 15 seconds. But there would be no time slot if you choose a cheap quality photo booth.

2. Visual Appeal Of Photo Booth

Where the quality of the picture matters the most, the appearance and size of the booth should also be taken into consideration. Obviously, nobody will get excited about clicking pictures if the booth does not look exciting and appealing. So, ensure you rent the one whose camera quality is amazing and overall appearance looks perfect for the party or event.

3. Overall Pricing

Of course, when you go with a photo booth rental services then you will consider the cost-effectiveness. Obviously, how cost-friendly it will be. But ensure you do not compromise over the quality of pictures and appealing look of the photo booth just for few bucks.

4. Print Quality

The most important aspect of renting photo booth rental is getting the quality pictures printed. All the service providers do not possess quality booths to offer so never settle for less no matter if you get the cheap option.
Pictures are perfect to commemorate the good times and if it’s your wedding then renting the best wedding photo booth would be the need. So, whatever is the occasion, ensure you count on all these shared tips. However, you can also visit us at Pixcellent Booths where we offer professional photo booths on rent with a variety of props and quality images guarantee.

What To Look Before Choosing A Photo Booth Rental?

Photo booth provides a great source of entertainment at the party or event. For it, the interested ones can easily avail of the photo booth rental services. Some people are getting confused about choosing the right source for the selection of quality service providing company. Here, you can get introduced to some major factors related to all these factors.
Things to consider

Check out venue

Firstly, you are required to focus on the venue. In case your venue is not available with enough space, then you cannot set up a photo booth there. Here, it necessary to analyze the complete place and then make a decision for setting up a photo booth. You need to do such an inspection while booking the venue. If you face a lack of space, then you should find out a venue where you can easily place a photo booth.

Focus on theme

Adding a photo booth to the party can be a great idea but it looks good there is another fact. Mainly these facts are affected by the selection of theme and overall appearance of the venue. While choosing the photo booth rental San Diego services, you should be focused on the selected theme. The party organizers need to place and fit objects on the venue as per the allowance of a photo booth.

Size & quality of photos

The biggest element that affects the quality of outcomes or services is regarding the photos. You should raise some queries in front of companies for getting details about the size and quality of printed photos. Sometimes, photo booths are not capable of printing high quality and good size pictures. It may become a reason for disappointment. For avoiding these things while availing services, you should inspect it while making a final decision.

Differentiate the plans

There are different types of service plans provided by companies. All plans are associated with something new and different. You should choose the plan as per your requirements or things that you want to add to the photo booth such as – props and funny elements. The majority of the individuals are choosing their option only for the addition of different types of props and capture some funny pictures. Here, the interested ones need to check out, the plans are available with props as per the event theme or not.

Service charges

During all these things, you should not forget to compare photo booth rental service charges. All companies are charging money at different rates. Mainly the rates are different on some basic factors such as – printing quality, props, camera quality, and some additional features. Everyone should try to search for an option that is available with quality services and reasonable & affordable charges.

By focusing on the mentioned above points, you can easily compare all the available options. In case you are interested in availing quality photo booth rental San Diego services, then you can choose Pixcellent Booths. We provide photo booths with high-quality cameras and printing equipment. With it, you can find some interesting props there.

Why you Should Choose Pixcellent Booths


Our prices for our photo booth rentals are low. We have a wide variety of packages and because of that, people with all types of budgets can afford our services. All of our packages have tons of amazing features plus the ability to add whatever you want to it to make it perfect for your next event.

Our design team specializes in creating a completely customized print out for your event. Any theme you can think of they can create. They’ll do as many edits that are needed to be done to make it perfect for you. Whether you decide to go with the 2×6 strip or the 4×6 postcard they can design something that you and your guest will love and cherish for years to come.
Group friendly

Our open-air booths are the best photo booth rental option in San Diego. With so much open space it leads to some really great group photos that’ll bring lots of laughter for years to come. We’ve fit up 14 which creates some really great moments with family and friends.

We have a huge selection of props that fit every kind of event. From our hilarious signs to a wide selection of inflatables. Your guest will love all the fun and excitement they bring.

Our services are available all over San Diego and neighboring city’s. Wherever you want photo booth San Diego rental services, we will reach and serve. Our professional attendants will arrive at the venue an hour before the event start time and complete the setup before your guests start arriving.
No additional charges

There are no additional charges, the price you see is the price you get. Most places charge for the standard features we offer but you don’t have to spend a single extra penny over the price on the page. We deliver, setup and take the photo booth back without charging any additional charges.
Complete assistance

Our booths come with 2 friendly professional attendants. We will stay for the entire event and make sure the booth runs smoothly and that your party is a hit.